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Give the gift of story!

Here are our favorite family history gift ideas and the promo deals we rounded up. Prices range from from zero dollars (give your time)  to $200. Best wishes and may you give the gifts that matter most this year.

Disclaimer: If you purchase some of the products with our links, we may make a commission. We really appreciate it! Your support helps us keep writing articles, teaching free classes, and paying the internet bill. 🙂 

Free Family History Gift Ideas:

Family History Gift Ideas Under $15


Here are the current prices and links on Amazon:

Our favorite books we read this year (under $20)

Here are the current prices and links on Amazon: 

If you are interested in LDS books:

Check out their unlimited program for less than the price of one book. Click here.

Family History Gift Ideas Under $40

Family History Gift Ideas Under $69

Here are the current prices and links on Amazon:

Family History Gift Ideas $80 and under

We have 3 service options for $80 each, save $20!

Family History Gift Ideas Under $200

The shot box is one of our best family history gift ideas

Animoto Videos:

If you want to make your own high-quality animated slide show videos, consider a subscription to Animoto. Personal plans are $8 per month, and professional plans are $22 for a year. Note: our holiday promo video on this page above was used making Animoto. So was this personal story of my family making dumplings here. We love this product and use it all the time. Anyway, here is a coupon code for 15% off:

And the big splurge – iPad anyone?

Okay, we promised items under $200, but we can’t help but tease you with the family history tool we have used every day in 2017, the iPad. We use it for recording video, oral history interviews, making graphics, and digitizing documents. A splurge, for sure, but one that will give you a heck of a lot of use.

 iPad 2017 model  

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