This Father’s Day, we would love to help you give Dad or Grandpa  something meaningful. We are offering a $20 discount on an oral history interview gift certificate with one of our professional interviewers. 

Father’s Day special for $20 off life story interview gift certificates

Clicking the link above or call 801.917.4299 to order. The discount expires Saturday, June 25, 2022.

You may purchase more than one gift certificate at this price, we simply require that only one gift certificate be given per person. 

How life story interviews work:

Ideally, life story interviews are conducted via Zoom (or other videoconference software) or by phone. We collaborate with you in advance to understand your goals for the interview, then send food-for-thought questions. Interviews are recorded and we handle all the technology and saving of audio files.  Single interviews provide approximately 50 minutes of audio and a machine transcription. 

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Interviews include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Printed booklet of life story questions
  • Approximately 50 minutes of audio recording
  • Audio files on a flash drive
  • Interviewer notes
  • Travel within 5 miles of the home base of our interviewers. We do charge the business mileage rate for in-person interviews outside the five-mile range. 
  • Note that each interview takes us several hours of time.

Questions Everyone Should Ask

Don't have regrets. Preserve a life story now with our all-time best questions. Interview a loved one or prompt your own personal history. Do it now, and it will be enough.

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