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RootsTech 2018

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DNA and Family History. What’s the Link?

A lot of talk in family history these days leads back to DNA. Why is it important, what is it and how can it help you discover your family history? We at Evalogue.Life have been asking the same questions and decided to do some digging.

Vai Sikahema Feels the Spirit of Family History

Vai Sikahema takes great pride in his Tongan roots. The former Brigham Young University football star and current news anchor in Philadelphia donned his lava lava and talked lovingly of his family and their stories at RootsTech last week.

 The Property Brothers were Born to Work Together

SALT LAKE CITY – Anyone who watches The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, can plainly see the two were born to work together, but how many of us know their story and the integral part family really plays in their life?

LeVar Burton Shares Family Stories, Journey to Success

SALT LAKE CITY – LeVar Burton got the crowd going and used family history to do so early in his keynote address to over 13,000 people last Friday. He was the first speaker at RootsTech‘s inaugural African Heritage Day.

RootsTech Round Up: Family Discovery Day

What happens when you take 13,000 family historians and throw in 30,000 more people of all ages, shapes and sizes? RootsTech Family Discovery Day.

RootsTech Round Up Saturday: What’s your Food DNA?

Saturday rounded a nearly perfect week at RootsTech, the largest family history conference in the world. After the day it was easy to ask, “What’s your food DNA?”

RootsTech Roundup Friday: What’s in a Name?


RootsTech Roundup Thursday: What’s Your DNA?

Thursday’s RootsTech was an amazing day of inspiration and motivation and got us all asking ourselves, “What’s your DNA?” Whether it be your family’s food DNA, family business DNA or the regular definition, DNA is something to consider when it comes to family history, family stories included.

Liz Wiseman on Rocking Life Like a Rookie

Rookie Smarts: “Is it possible we are at our very best, when we know the very least? When we are rookies?” Liz Wiseman posed this question in her keynote address this morning…

RootsTech Roundup: Wednesday’s Innovator Summit

RootsTech 2017 started out with a bang Wednesday, giving us some great ideas for the future on many levels. It was also great to get a sneak peak of what the hot topics are this year.

Want to Learn More About Your Family History? The Family Discovery Experience Has you Covered.


Walking into the new Family Discovery Experience in the Family History Library feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s bright and inviting with smiling faces all around. Learning about your family history is as easy as 1-2-3.  There are seven stations throughout the main floor of the library to try your hand at a variety of different family history activities.

Spiritual Side of RootsTech Inspires

It’s not unheard of to think of family history or family stories and have a spiritual feeling, some of those feelings can run deep. The organizers of RootsTech know and understand this and dedicate a part of the conference to talks of a spiritual nature on Saturday afternoon when it offers a Family Discovery Day. The talks and presentations stem from leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but have a spiritual nature that can be understood by all faiths.

Christmas Comes Early in Ogden

If you still feel world-weary from recent news, please read this. Last Saturday our community demonstrated its goodness when over 400 volunteers pulled off a mammoth giving event, the culmination of efforts by thousands of individuals and organizations since October. It was not just the sheer numbers, this seventh annual Community Christmas sparkled with extra touches dreamed up by volunteers who wanted families to feel loved.

Utah and BYU Football Players Love Telling Their Stories

BYU Football quarterback Taysom Hill and University of Utah Football wide receiver Britain Covey don’t have to go far to have a fan following. The two dressed in pressed shirts and ties, didn’t necessarily resemble the brawny men we see on the football field, but showed their softer sides as they talked about their own family stories and the relevance family history has in their lives.

FamilySearch CEO: Everyone Can do Family History with a Story

SALT LAKE CITY – It only took five minutes for FamilySearch CEO Steve Rockwood to get a room of thousands at the Salt Palace talking about their own family history. How did he do it? By evoking memories – memories that each person suddenly felt eager to share after his own moving story of his father, True.

New State-Of-Art FamilySearch Center to Teach and Inspire

LAYTON – Crowds of people gathered around each of the nine stations at the new Layton FamilySearch Center this week during a series of day-long open houses to celebrate the new center, which officially opens to the public this week.

Stan Ellsworth of American Ride Tells History’s Stories

SALT LAKE CITY – Stan Ellsworth always makes an entrance. BYUtv’s “American Ride” host moved crowds as he drove as he drove his Harley Davidson into the exhibitor hall at the Salt Palace at RootsTech 2016 and immediately drew a crowd of followers in the media hub.

Veteran Memorial Hall in West Valley to Preserve Stories

WEST VALLEY CITY– West West Valley Mayor Ron Bigelow granted us a generous interview to chat about a new Veteran Memorial Hall to be built in his city. We discussed what motivated him to make it happen, which was a lovely tie-in to our November theme: “Why we tell stories.”

Ogden’s City Club Celebrates 25 Years

OGDEN – When Bill Parker and Heidi Harwood decided to open a private club on Historic 25th Street 25 years ago there were more skeptics than supporters. They were almost the only dog in the fight, besides some old bars that were pretty “scary” according to the couple. Now, 25 years later, The City Club, 264 25th Street,  has become a beacon for good times, celebration and a true pioneer of a very successful, happening place to be —Ogden’s Historic 25th Street.

Bruce Feiler, Cancer, Stories and You

New York Times columnist and New York Times best selling author Bruce Feiler was a keynote speaker at RootsTech 2016. After his compelling address, he sat down with me to tell me a bit more about the importance of storytelling and how to do it with your kids. Below is a re-cap of his address mingled with our interview. 

New York Times Article: The Ties that Bind

This is an article from New York Times Columnist and best selling author Bruce Feiler. The article, printed in March, 2013, details a breakthrough Feiler discovered about how to have emotionally strong, stable children which in turn makes for emotionally strong, stable families. The article was the most emailed article for a month and the second most saved article in the Pocket App for 2013. In the article, he reviews a study about children’s resilience and the intergenerational self by Marshall P. Duke and Robyn Fivush, psychologists at Emory University. It’s definitely worth the read!

RootsTech 2017 announces LeVar Burton as keynote speaker (See you there!)

We here at Evalogue.Life are thrilled to be a part of RootsTech this year as an exhibitor in the Exhibition Hall this February. Please come visit us to learn more about what we do and for the chance to win some free services! Adding to that thrill will be the opportunity to hear from ultimate storyteller and promoter of literacy, Levar Burton!  Read an article from RootsTech about his visit.

Are you an Entrepreneur: Take the Leap of Faith (Forbes)

In this 2012 Forbes article our friend Alan Hall,  discusses a conversation with Evalogue.Life founder and the leap of faith. Interestingly, Lauritzen took the leap of faith on November 4, 2016, submitting notice from her day job to pursue Evalogue.Life full time. Funny how things come around.