Our Name and Purpose

At Evalogue.Life, we are professional biographers specializing in oral history and family storytelling. As we engage in this work, we love sharing tips to help you tell your story. Often the stories we hear inspire us, so we regularly share those too.

We believe everyone has an important story to tell, so we enjoy posting free and professional tools we use on a daily basis. Immersed in this every day, we are in a position to ferret out useful tips for do-it-yourselfers. We are a small team, but have decades of storytelling experience, although every client teaches us something new.

Our name Evalogue is a nod to the word “epilogue,” and it is pronounced in the same manner. After a story ends an epilogue reflects on the meaning. Writing the story of one’s life is also a reflection.

Then why not call ourselves Epilogue? Well, because that word implies an ending. We believe the meaning of people’s lives go on even after we pass. Hence the “eva” part means forever and ever.

In short, our purpose is to inspire people and organizations to leave a lasting legacy of story.

We invite you to browse, take a class, or join our  community of family history writers and organizations with purpose. Sign up for our weekly email or social media channels for regular tips and stories that have touched our lives or the lives of others.

Please reach out if you have questions  or would like a little help. Your questions often teach us!

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Our purpose is to help you tell your story. As we do client work, we try out best practices then pass tips and stories along

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