Our storytelling services bring families together and strengthen organizations

Storytelling services at Evalogue.Life include personal interviewing, writing, coaching and teaching. Projects can range from stand-alone interviews to writing short stories to helping you create a full book. We have years of experience and are eager to support you in your storytelling so we offer many options. We also coach writers and offer several online classes if you would like to do the work yourself. Whatever you have in mind, this quick landing page will direct you to the right page to read more about interviewing, writing, and storytelling services.

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Overview of storytelling services for individuals and families

Here are some quick links to the services we provide:

Interviews and oral history services

Click here to read all about our professional interviews and life story services

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Photo restoration services

We are proud to offer a professional service to restore precious pictures. Click here to read about our photo restoration services.

Online courses to conduct oral history or write your story

Teaching is one of our favorite parts of the job! We love helping you tell your story, and are now serving clients all over the world. To see if that self-paced course you’ve been searching for is in our catalog, please click here and view all of our online courses. There are also a few more personalized storytelling options below. Please let us know how we can help!

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