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In addition to our specialities of life story interviews and writing, we offer some add-on services to help you finish your project. These story services include:

  • Coaching to help you tell your own story
  • Family story videos
  • Photo restoration
  • Digitizing photographs or documents
  • Life story transcription services
  • Classes to help you tell your story

Coaching session regular pricing:

We love coaching clients who have the spark to tell your story, but would like to collaborate on getting organized, storyboarding your tale. This is a cost-effective way to save a lot of learning curve. We will give you our best tools of the trade and let you pick our brain, packaged with a boost of encouragement. Please scroll down for pricing or click here to start a conversation about your project.

  • One session: $107 
  • Package of 6 sessions:$97 per session.

Family story videos:

  • Slide show videos:
    • Once initial interviews are done, slide shows without voice narration cost: $195 for the first 2 minutes + $30 for each 30 seconds thereafter. Clients provide approximately 5 digitized high-resolution photographs for every 30-seconds of video. (Mate” this is a starting cost and many clients want additional help digitizing or gathering photos, or choosing custom options. This can increase the price.)
    • For voice narration, add $40 for every 30 seconds of video by one a voice-over professional (we work with several).
  • Produced videos:
    • For other custom video work, please contact Evalogue.Life. Costs vary, but family story videos generally run from $250 to $450 per finished minute of video depending on whether filming is needed, and how much editing is involved.

photo restoration examplePhoto restoration:

Digitizing photographs or documents:  

  • $0.25 each for quick scanning/digitizing
  • $0.35 for medium resolution
  • $0.50 for high resolution

There is generally a $25 minimum to have us digitize photos or documents.

Life story transcription services:

  • Life story interview transcriptions are done by a human and cost $1.20 per audio minute
  • Automated transcription: We run the audio file through speech recognition and manually perform a light edit to improve readability. It is still a rough transcription, but it can be very helpful as a reference for the future: Flat rate of $15 for up to 90 minutes of audio, $5 for every half-hour thereafter.

Take a class to tell your story

Taking a class is a cost-effective way to get inspiration and practical tools to tell your own story. Check out our current class offerings by clicking here:

Take a class to write your story

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