writing services at evalogue.life can help you put your story into a book, like this beautiful custom hardbound book with gold leafing.

Our writing services will help you put your life story into words. Here is an overview of how we help:

  • Writing your story for you
  • Coaching you and creating custom plans to help you do the work yourself
  • Classes to help you write a life story

(Note that our speciality is life story interviewing, which is the first step. Please click here to read about life story interviews.)

Pricing to hire us to write your story:

The cost to hire a writer for your project can vary quite a bit depending on whether interviews have already been done, how much research and travel is involved, and which writer your choose.

  • As a ballpark, writing services generally start around $0.30 per word if interviewing has already been done.
  • Shorter life story books for family purposes generally run $5,000-$10,000 range, while full books intended for publication generally start in the $20,000 range.
  • Please reach out to talk about your project.

Start a conversation with us:

Coaching services:

If you have the spark to write your story, but would like to collaborate on getting organized, storyboarding your tale, or handling technology, we love coaching clients. This is a cost-effective way to save a lot of learning curve. We will give you our best tools of the trade and let you pick our brain, packaged with a boost of encouragement.

click here to start a conversation about your project.

Take a class to tell your story:

We regularly teach classes to help people write their own stories, including online. Please check out our classes page by clicking here