For the first time, the RootsTech Connect conference is 100% virtual and 100% free. With over 300 breakout sessions in 4 days (February 24th – 27th), learn from some of the best and feel the joy that comes from connecting with your roots – all from the comfort of your own home! With technology tips, DNA breakthroughs, and (our favorite) family stories, RootsTech is bound to inspire. To register for this completely free conference, click here.

Read Rachel J. Trotter’s roundup article, “RootsTech Connect – A virtual, Global Feast for the Soul.”

What will Evalogue.Life be offering during RootsTech Connect 2021? Five jam-packed classes that you can watch for free online if you’ve registered. Rachel Trotter and I, Rhonda Lauritzen, together have over 35 years of interviewing, storytelling, writing, and teaching experience. and we have been working hard to maximize our online offerings and courses so we can give you our best. Each class includes a free toolkit of valuable printables, so be sure to subscribe for each one by clicking on the graphics below. Scroll down to see our entire line-up of classes and special discounts that are exclusive for RootsTech. We hope you’ll take advantage of these deals! Scroll to the bottom for specific offerings, and note the coupon code: connect. It’s good for our entire library of courses and service packages.

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We are thrilled to share and learn virtually at RootsTech 2021 together! Be sure to register here!

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RootsTech 2021 Classes & Tool Kits

Tool Kit for Professional Life Story Interviewers & Writers

Please enjoy our free tool kit for professional oral history interviewers, family history writers, and genealogists by clicking here:

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Oral History: How to Preserve Voices & Stories, Rhonda Lauritzen (Session 471145)

Oral history interviews are a profound way to capture voices and life stories because audio is an intimate medium that connects us. In this presentation, you will learn questions everyone should ask, secrets to intensive listening, what affordable equipment is the best, and how to transcribe audio. Discover professional interviewing tips in our unique toolkit so you can proceed with confidence. Check back here for a link after the conference goes live. Click here to watch this talk.

Get our free tool kit, slides, and resources here:

How to Storyboard, Rhonda Lauritzen (Session 471147)

Every hero’s journey has three crucial moments. Learn how spotting them will not only change your story—but the way you look at life. This fun technique and our custom template will make sure your family history, memoir, or life story engages readers. These story structure tricks from screenwriters will bring your true tales to life. This method focuses on sharing your most important values without being preachy. Check back here for a link after the conference goes live. Watch this talk by clicking here .

Get our free tool kit and slides by clicking here:

Capture Family Stories with Oral History, Rachel Trotter (Session 462492, 2 parts)

Learn how to create a terrific family history for yourself or family members – living or dead – using oral history. This class will teach you how to best prepare for interviews, ask hard (but important) questions, and use the slickest tools to get you recording and writing family stories. We will even explore how to capture moments of those who have passed on. With some interactive time to see how quick the interview process can be (and how the right questions can work magic), you’ll learn how oral history can create unforgettable stories.

This class will be taught in two 20-minute sessions – one about the basics of oral history, the other about the technical side of the oral history journey. Check back here for a link after the conference goes live.

Click here to watch part 1 of Rachel’s talk.

Click here to watch part 2 of Rachel’s talk

Get our free tool kit and slides from the presentation by clicking here:

Sensitive Subjects, Rhonda Lauritzen (Session 471143)

What if there is trauma or a DNA surprise in your family history? How should you proceed when your family does not agree on the truth? Learn how to write about hard times and smooth over relationships. Decide whether your journals are for therapy or family legacy. Most importantly, begin to write memoirs and family stories that focus on transformation. Check back here for a link to watch this presentation after the conference goes live. Watch this presentation by clicking here.

Get our free tool kit, slides & resources here:

Special Offers during RootsTech 2021

We love supporting you as you “Tell Your Story” and hope you’ll take advantage of these exclusive deals. From courses to life interviews, there’s something for everyone! Quantities may be limited, so click on the graphics soon to learn more and save. Be sure to use the coupon code “connect” at checkout to redeem your discount. Enjoy!

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We hope you enjoy the rich resources at RootsTech Connect 2021. It is an honor to provide classes and tools that help people find strength through telling family stories. If you have a questions or need help in another way, please fill out our contact form: