Our Name and Purpose

The name Evalogue is a nod to the word “epilogue,” and it is pronounced in the same manner. We like to think of our name as: At the end of the story, what does it all mean?

Then why not just call ourselves Epilogue? Well, because that word that implies an end. We believe the meaning of people’s lives go on even after we pass. Hence the “eva” part means forever and ever.

Our purpose is to inspire people and organizations to tell their stories, and to provide tools for the work. This falls into three categories:

1. People’s stories: Writing people’s stories and providing services like interviewing and transcription. Stories range from a few pages to full books.

2. Business/Nonprofit Stories: Writing stories and histories for organizations, especially nonprofits and businesses with a sense of purpose

3. Blogging/teaching how to get it done. Every time we work on someone’s story, we learn more about how to this work well, and more efficiently. We have nearly four decades of storytelling experience between the two of us and we are still learning much. We want to share what we have learned the hard way so can take the short path. Immersed in this every day, we are in a position to ferret out the best tools then give tips for do-it-yourselfers

Watch our blog for reviews of tools and resources, and come see us at RootsTech the first week in February! We’ll be posting and tweeting live if you can’t make it.
The Warrant

The Warrant: A video vignette adapted from our client’s memoir

When FDA Agents visit Hartley Anderson with a dubious search warrant, he takes a stand. This video vignette was adapted from the memoir Every Essential Element...

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