Are you hungry for story writing ideas and resources for your memoir, personal history, or other true life story? Think, family history or biography. This is our favorite topic! Truly, this is our life’s work and mission. We hope you enjoy these story writing ideas and resources to help you write a family history or your own memoir. This page is an index page of all the resources we have compiled on our website, with many practical tools to help you in writing your book or short story to engage readers and share values. What you have to say is important, and you deserve to say it as beautifully as possible so loved ones and future generations feel inspired. We hope these story writing ideas help you get started today!

(Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links to our own books on Amazon which means if you purchase, we make a small commission. We really appreciate it! This is a tiny part of our income, but every bit helps.)

Classes and story writing ideas to finish your personal history,  biography, or family history

Story writing ideas - a fun and fabulous class to walk you through the whole process of writing your memoir or life story. Photo of a crystal ball reflecting water and sky. Text reads "write your memoir, online course"

We regularly teach story writing both in-person and virtually. We also have a lineup of richly informative online writing courses.

  • Click here for a complete listing of all current courses to tell your story
  • Click here for our online storyboarding and story structure class, especially geared toward writers or family history, memoir, and biography.  This class will immediately help you be a better writer.
  • Click here for our flagship online course:  “How to write a memoir, life story of family history.” You will love this self-paced course with many video lessons on making time for writing, storytelling arcs, and story writing ideas themselves. It is fun and easy to get through in a few days, patterned after about ten hours of live instruction with exercises to complete on your own. It will walk you through the whole process of writing your book so you feel confident and inspired. You can do this!
  • Professional oral history interviewing

Cover of How to Storyboard book by Rhonda Lauritzen. This is an invaluable tool for anyone writing a memoir, true-life story, or fiction. How to Storyboard – book and templates for your story writing

Whether you write fiction or narrative nonfiction, these practical story writing ideas will spark your creativity. Check out our storyboard method including  template posters and a how-to book. These are available on Amazon. You can get the book, ebook, a package of posters, or a combo pack. Here are the links:

Our favorite story writing ideas and articles at your fingertips:

My Life Story is a book of questions to ask your parents, or to help anyone who is writing a memoir. Cover shown here.My Life Story: Thoughtful questions to tell your story

This full-color booklet features our most thorough story writing ideas. It’s a wonderful guide for life story interviews, to use as journal prompts, or to spark ideas as you write your own memoir.

Free Printables and Downloads for simplified story writing

Each of these links will take you to a page where you can download free printable with even more engaging story writing ideas. We hope you enjoy them!

Articles on Storytelling using video and audio

Take a writing class or join a writing group:

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Life story interviews

Writing a memoir? Finish your story with help from Evalogue.Life - cabin on the water photo

We conduct professional life story interviews, which are often given as gifts to parents or grandparents. This can be a real breakthrough for anyone writing a memoir, biography, or family history story because this is often the easiest way to get it done.  Each interview takes several hours of our time and includes the initial consultation, printed booklet of life story questions, approximately 75 minutes of audio recording, audio files on a flash drive, and the interviewer notes.

Available in any amount, life story interview gift certificates are a meaningful alternative to buying “stuff.” We have many families give their parents, grandparents or partner a life story interview for special occasions.

Click here to order or print a gift certificate.

Life story gift certificate can help jumpstart the process for anyone writing a memoir

(Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links to our own books on Amazon which means if you purchase, we make a small commission. We really appreciate it! This is a tiny part of our income, but every bit helps.)