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We would love to help you tell your story or give some professional help to finish it. We are located in Ogden, Utah and also work with clients from afar. Helping people and organizations preserve their legacy is all we do and we consider this work a profound privilege. If you want to tell your story yourself, please enjoy the free articles and resources we have published throughout our website. Here are highlights of the professional services if you’d like to give your work a boost:

You have a story to tell. Let’s schedule a free consultation to chat about your project. 

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Why stories matter

Humans are storytelling animals, wired for story in powerful ways. We daydream with our minds telling a running narrative. We dream in story form at night and we literally cannot turn it off. Children act out stories in play. Every movie, television show, and most great songs are stories. Even television commercials grab us with mini vignettes. Interactive gaming creates whole worlds of story in which players become live action heroes. Stories are how we convey our culture and teach children. Every religious text and oral history tradition passes a canon of stories to the next generation. Business stories strengthen the best organizations in the world, and help acclimate new employees to the way it’s done here.

With that overview, here are three core beliefs that we at Evalogue.Life have about about the power of story. They are:

  1. First: Stories have the power to save families.

  2. Second: Stories turn random events into meaning.

  3. Third: Stories are the only way we will be remembered.

The bottom line of his work: if you want a happier, more resilient family then intentionally create and retell the story of your family’s positive moments and your ability to get through the difficult ones. This one simple act may increase the odds that all of our families will thrive for generations to come.

We often see people grow when they tell their  story. In other words, they sometimes evolve right before our eyes. In articulating their values, it cements them, and in telling about their challenges they are motivated to overcome new ones. There are times when we see something in the teller of a story that her or she may not have noticed in themselves. When we write about their lives, they see it through a new lens and it often it solidifies their strengths or points out fences that still need mending while there is time.

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