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September 19

RootsMagic vs. Legacy – pros and cons

A thing worth doing is worth doing badly – The 10,000-hour rule

Animoto and Adobe Spark Video

September 5

Review of oTranscribe, A DIY Option for Transcribing Audio

August 29:

Make easy slideshow videos using Animoto, like an animated scrapbook. I’m not naturally good at this stuff, so for me it rocks. Check out the happy birthday video for my BFF on our Facebook page as an example. Get a free trial with this code: animoto.com/ref/Rhonda-3922ed602

July 25:

Help! My Story is Stuck! Why Writing a Memoir Is Possible

July 17:

Family Storytelling is something special. Please enjoy a short video presentation that gives a few details on how to start telling your own family story. The video is a snippet of a class we teach at family history fairs and family history libraries.