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You have come to the right place for oral history interview questions tools and resources, most of which are free.  This page serves as an index to tools, tips, links and reviews of various services. Check back often because we at Evalogue.Life are devoted to this purpose and are adding more all the time!

Free printable book of memory-evoking questions
Free printable book of memory-evoking questions

Our articles on Oral History Interviews:

What you need to do an oral history interview:

  1. Digital Recorder or phone app+ 2.  Questions for Dad Printable + 3. Questions for Mom Printable + 4. Interview Tutorial 
Rhonda's all-time favorite digital voice recorder - the Olympus WS-852 with built-in USB connection. Click to get it on Amazon.

Our interviewing services:

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Our free mini-tutorial on interviewing

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StoryCorps is a wonderful nonprofit encouraging people to record stories, and uploading them to the Library of Congress. They have recording booths in San Francisco and Chicago, as well as a mobile booth on tour.


Be sure to check out the free tools and resources at FamilySearch, and upload your oral history or written stories to be preserved for future generations. Click here.


"It's easier to motivate someone to do something difficult than it is something easy." Wendy Nelson
“It’s easier to motivate someone to do something difficult than it is something easy.” Wendy Nelson


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